Knee Braces

Ossur CTi knee braces is the number one knee brace for protection in extreme sports, this has been developed over decades and protected knee after knee.

Össur Knee Braces

MINT rehab is a clinical partner of Ossur who are a world leader in the design and manufacture of knee bracing. Ossur blends design, innovation, quality and user experience to make world class knee braces for the most demanding of uses.

The CTi knee brace is the number one knee brace for protection in extreme sports, this has been developed over decades and protected knee after knee whilst the Unloader X is the market leader in the management of arthritic knee pain.

Össur Knee Braces For Sports

The more extreme the sport, the higher the likelihood of an injury. CTi knee brace are designed to protect against just that, they are industry leading knee braces and are worn by countless athletes around the world and weekend warriors alike, to protect the cartilage and ligaments of their knees regardless of their chosen sport.

Thanks to its carbon composite frame, the extreme support gives them the maximum security and peace of mind, allowing them to absolutely ‘send it’ each and every time.

CTi can be custom made for the perfect fit, have adaptations that are specific to your sport and, if you want something truly individual, can be made with a completely custom finish. CTi knee brace can be worn in the water, on snow, off road or on track.

Össur Testimonials

“In 2018 i raced the arenacross UK series, and finished the top British rider for the 4 year in a row , and just missing the podium in Sheffield finishing 4th during the summer I race the Portuguese Supercross series where I finished 3rd in the championship, I also went to USA and raced mammoth mountain MX which I won the championship in the 30+class beating the king Jeremy Mcgrath ! I’m now preparing for some Supercross races in Europe and then getting ready for the arenacross UK 2019 series which is my main focus.

I’m so grateful to be able to wear CTI knee braces which provide me with the best protection and comfort while riding , i feel so confident wearing them , knowing I have the best support possible for my knees , they are so comfortable I even took them on my skiing holiday!”


“I’ve been with CTI now for 16 years and my knees are solid which kinda tells you all you need to know about how good they are! I couldn’t get in a bike and ride without them it would make me feel as vulnerable as not wearing my helmet.”
“I’ve been entrusting my safety to my CTI braces for almost 15 years now and I consider them as important as my crash helmet and won’t ride without them. Over the years they have saved my knees from serious damage time and time again and they are the first thing I pack into my gear bag wherever and whatever I’m racing around the world”

Arthritic Knee Meets Unloader X

Arthritis affecting either the inside or outside of the knee can be painful and debilitating. This pain can be very limiting and it’s often results in us withdrawing from activity and indeed our favourite hobbies.

Arthritic knee meets Unloader X

The Unloader knee brace has been specifically designed to provide a comfortable anatomical fit to the leg and to work with your body to off-load the painful side of the knee.

This is achieved by the clever configuration of straps and tension system known as smart dosing, reducing the load on the affected side, opening the joint, lessening inflammation and pain, thus allowing a return to activity. Please watch the video here:

Non-Surgical Arthritis Treatments

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NICE, reports that the risk of developing arthritis increases with age and that a third of woman and almost a quarter of men between 45 and 64 years of age have sought treatment. Furthermore that this rises to almost half of people aged between 75 year and over.

The treatment of this pain has for a long time been surgical but the Unloader One X offers a non-surgical option and is now successfully used in younger patients to keep them active and engaged in work, delaying future surgery for as long as possible.