At MINT rehab we specialise in the provision of orthoses to private clients to aid recovery from sporting injuries but also the management of complex disorders of movement such as cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries and a host of other neuromuscular conditions.

Orthotic Clinics

MINT rehab provides a comprehensive clinical service to help you recover from a host of musculoskeletal Injuries including, knee, foot, ankle and heel pain. Our assessment is hands on and will include a biomechanical assessment and an observational gait analysis. By understanding the cause of your pain and dysfunction, we are able to advise on the best orthosis to speed your recovery.

Orthotics are used to improve function and mobility, prevent or correct deformities and relieve pain. Often, an orthosis is custom-made to address a specific impairment, such as a congenital condition, an injury, or a degenerative disease.

We specialise in the management of complex disorders of movement, primarily affecting the lower limb, such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal injury as well as host of other neuromuscular conditions

Our experience with emerging technologies such as 3D printing or use of modern materials such as carbon fibre allows us to offer unique custom solutions which are often much lighter and lower profile than traditional approaches. We understand the benefit the right Orthosis, provided at the right time, for the right reason can have.

Modern Approaches

Mint rehab clinicians are trained in modern approaches and always use the very latest and most advanced technology to create bespoke orthotic solutions to improve the life’s of our clients.

Once a specific clinical treatment goal has been established, the Orthotist will take a number of measures, possibly scans or plaster moulds of the limb, select materials, components and the correct design in order to optimise the device’s effectiveness and comfort. We are passionate about your health, ability and living life to the full, our aim is to support you in achieving your goals.

Össur Knee Braces

MINT rehab is a clinical partner of Össur who are a world leading knee brace manufacturer in clinical knee bracing for prophylactic use in sports.

The CTI knee brace is the number one knee brace for knee protection in extreme sports. Össur also specialist braces to help manage arthritic knee pain and keep you active.