The Bioness L300 Go is a foot drop solution like no other. This innovative technology works to seamlessly pick up your foot whilst your walking, restoring your confidence and making walking more like it used to be.

Foot Drop

People who have suffered a stroke, brain or spinal chord injury or are living with a long term condition such as Multiple Sclerosis, often struggle with a foot drop. This means that you are unable to lift your foot up when walking, increasing your falls risk and often making your walking much harder and more tiresome than it used to be. You may have developed compensatory changes in the way you walk, or indeed spend too much time looking at the ground as you walk.

The Bioness L300 Go can help. This is specifically designed to lift your foot as you walk, improving your gait pattern, making the way you walk smoother and more natural.

Bioness L300 Go

We are certified providers of this award winning functional electrical stimulation (FES) wireless device designed to help you manage and recover from foot drop.

The Bioness L300 Go stimulates the affected nerves and the muscle they control, making them contract and causing the foot to lift. This is a proven technology that enhances the ability to walk unaided and allows them to enjoy a higher degree of independence.

Key benefits:

  • It is easy to fit to the legs thanks to the cuff design, this can be done single handed
  • The inbuilt sensors detect movement and activate the stimulation as required
  • Stimulation provided by the Bioness L300 Go to the affected nerves and muscle fo the lower limb causes the foot to lift improving the safety and fluidity of walking. This helps prevent muscle wastage.

Easy To Get Going

Your Bioness L300 Go Bioness foot drop device can be set up during a clinic appointment or if you prefer, in your own home to address foot drop and upper leg weakness due to multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury to name but a few amongst a number of other conditions. If you already own a device, we can apply software upgrades or update settings as required to keep the device working at its best.

The Bioness L300 Go uses advanced gyroscopes, accelerometers and has some clever internal software that detects your movement as you walk. The software then delivers a stimulation to the muscles in your lower leg, at just the right time, to lift your foot when your walking. This improves the clearance of your foot and returns your confidence and enjoyment of safe walking once again. We can alter the settings of this software to customise its performance to your needs.

How do I get assessed for the L300 Foot Drop System?

The Bioness L300 Go Foot Drop System is programmed by your clinician to stimulate the appropriate nerves and muscles in your leg to lift your foot and help you walk more naturally. To find out if the Bioness L300 Go will work for you, please get in touch here.

Bioness L300 Go Benefits

The Bioness L300 Go is worn on the leg, just below the knee and works both with and without footwear meaning you can walk barefoot also.

There are two cuff sizes available meaning a better and less obtrusive fit making it suitable for children and adults alike. The device can be applied with one hand in order to promote independence, can be activated by switches that are on the unit itself, via an app on your phone or via a pocket sized remote control if you prefer.

Key benefits:

  • 3D Motion Detection
  • Embedded sensor technology monitors patient movement in all three planes of motion and triggers stimulation precisely when needed.
  • Multi-Channel Stimulation
  • Independent adjustment of medial/lateral stimulation enables precise control of foot inversion/eversion.
  • Fast, Intuitive Set-up
  • Fewer components to manage, a Quick Start Fitting Mode and Bluetooth programming significantly reduce set-up time.
  • Outcome Measures
  • Standardised assessments make it easy to objectively track and document patient progress.
  • Home User App
  • The mobile app allows users to set goals, monitor activity and see how far they have come, helping to ensure gains made in therapy continue at home.


In the UK, every five minutes a person suffers a stroke – around 100,000 per year.

In the UK, every five minutes a person suffers a stroke. Ischemic strokes are the most common type of stroke and occur when a blood clot blocks the flow of blood and thus oxygen to the brain. Haemorrhaging Strokes are less common and happen when a blood vessel within your head burst and bleeds into and around your brain. Strokes can cause many long term effects on the body. One of the most common mobility issues is foot drop, use of the Bioness L300 Go can be an effective treatment and lift the foot during walking.

Multiple Sclerosis

Around 100,000 people in the uk suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The brain and spinal chord make up the central nervous system and are responsible for coordinating all movement functions. Ms results in the body’s own immune system working against itself, damaging the protective layer around our nerves known as Myelin, resulting in interference between the signals from your brain and the muscles, impacting your ability to move as you intended. A common symptom of MS is foot drop, The Bioness L300 Go can help to stimulate the nerve and lift the foot helping you walk.

Spinal Chord Injuries

Spinal Chord Injury More than 50,000 people in the Uk and Ireland are living with paralysis.

Most Injuries to the spinal chord don’t completely sever it, meaning that there is often some level of residual activity. Depending on the area of your spine you injured, you will be presented with different challenges. For example if you injuries your neck you may loose the use of hands and arms, your torso and legs, however if you injure your lower back, this may affect your control of your feet. Traditional Orthoses such a splint may help but the Bioness L300 Go may also be a viable option for you.