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Turbomed is introducing the revolutionary foot drop AFO FS3000. A clever alternative to many existing carbon fiber AFOs that fit into the shoe!

  • Running shoes
  • Working shoes and boots
  • Dress shoes
  • Even sandals….
  • 100% Transferable
  • 100% External
  • Lightweight as a carbon fibre AFO
  • No skin contact with the foot or the ankle
  • Amazing energy return due to the patented design
  • Best warranty on the market*

How FS3000 gave us our lives back!

I’m sold! What a wonderful invention. Well done.
Went for a hike for the first time in 7 months. Felt great


There is one thing I know for certain now and it is that the brace makes a significant difference in my ability to walk any distance. Today I went out to walk around a bit in the city (no brace) and I was wishing I had the brace on.

LAN, Vancouver, BC

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with these braces. I got on the treadmill this afternoon, and not only was I able to walk much faster, but my balance was so much improved that I did not have to hold on while walking!! I’m amazed, thank you so much, this is a great start to 2016!!