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MINT Rehab offers a full breadth of knee bracing solutions whether your need is post operatively for cartilage or ligament repair, sport bracing or to relieve Arthritic pain during activity we have a solution for you.


CTI is a market leading sports knee brace with anatomically designed hinges, flexible cuffs and carbon frame. This provides a rigid exoskeleton to stabilise and protect your knee joint whilst enjoying your sport.

Knee braces can be used as a preventative measure in high impact sports like motocross, aiding return to sport.


Pain associated with Osteoarthritis of the knee can be debilitating. This can impact on your daily activities not to mention the fun things in life. The clinically proven Unloader knee brace is a comfortable, low profile, lightweight brace that acts to unload the Arthritic knee reducing pain.

Available as an off the shelf or custom made version.

The aim is to get you back in the game…