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MINT Rehab provides you with the choice of high end, light weight custom made Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) with completely unique shaping and the latest in knee/ankle joint technology. A strong ethos towards reducing weight by using composite materials such as carbon fibre, we can create a custom solution specific to your needs.

At MINT Rehab we believe where possible less is more, weight reduction cosmetic solutions…explore the possibilities…


Modern composite technology is a rapidly developing area of material science, often used in cutting edge fields such as marine, aerospace and motor-sports to name but a few. MINT Rehab specialises in the use of these materials when designing your KAFO, resulting in a lighter, stronger and more responsive KAFO. These ideally suited for those with Quadriceps weakness, Femoral nerve insufficency, Polio, & Post Polio Syndrome or other conditions affecting the control and stability of the lower limb and knee.


The E-MAG Active is a trend-setting innovation in the development of orthotic knee joint systems. It sets new standards in terms of safety, dynamics and mobility. It is the first electronically controlled knee joint meaning that for the first time during KAFO gait you can bend your knee during swing but be confident in the security the electronic joint will provide during stance.

‘Gone are the days of walking with a stiff knee…’


Simply put, the FreeWalk stance control orthosis reacts to your movement by locking the knee joint, ready for you to step forward with stability and confidence. For people with Isolated Quadricep Weakness, Polio, Post-Polio, Multiple Sclerosis, Unilateral Paralysis, Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury and some Traumas, walking can be a challenge. With today’s stance control orthoses, there are new options to explore. The FreeWalk is a light-weight alternative to a traditional brace. It switches between a locked and an unlocked knee joint at the appropriate time to keep you stable. In addition, a more natural motion makes it easy to add a few steps to your day without adding fatigue.


MINT Rehab brings you the first custom-orthotic components to be fully waterproof and unaffected by chlorine, salt water or soap. This makes Aqualine a good choice for users who wish to take part in water-sports and outdoor activities


Contractures are a common complication of Neurological and Musculoskeletal conditions often resulting in tight muscles and loss of joint range. Our experience is that this approach yields great results by applying a gentle stretch, increasing your range of motion over time.