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It is common to suffer with foot & ankle discomfort, even painful knees, hips and lower back if your foot position is poor. Given we are advised to walk around 10,000 steps a day, it is no wonder we get aches and pains given the rigours of a busy lifestyle. Foot problems or pain can often be successfully treated with an insole.

These would be prescribed following an in depth biomechanical assessment & gait analysis and are made using the latest CAD/CAM technology.


We offer high end fully custom made insoles to address your biomechanical needs. MINT Rehab understands the demands of your sport and will custom build your insoles; we can even tailor the prescription & design to be worn in sport specific footwear, such as running, cycling, football and even ski boots.


Footcare in footwear!

Natural fibres such as leather, “breathe”, flex, stretch and mould to your foot shape. This allows the shoe to conform to the uniqueness of your foot allowing natural movement. The natural flow of air & breathability of leather keeps feet cooler and freer from friction; which means blisters & rashes are less likely to occur. In Strive footwear, we’ve enhanced comfort further by incorporating our ergonomically designed Biomechanical Footbed Technology™ which maps the natural shape of your foot.


Struggling with summer footwear?

This is no longer a problem…. at MINT Rehab we have a range of sandals which incorporate your custom insole for a discrete comfortable, fashionable, pain free summer season.

Sandals available for both men and women.